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Why is it important to know who
is behind ProBidAuto.com?

Because the powerhouse team behind ProBidAuto are brilliant industry leaders who are no strangers to the Online Auto Industry and have launched hundreds of successful projects online – including dealer marketing and technology services currently used at over 1,800 dealerships nationwide!

We recognized the auto industry was not catering to current buyers in what is the Age of the Internet. We revolutionized the car buying process into a seamless, hassle-free experience that is beneficial to
everyone involved. This major paradigm shift will give dealers back their marketing control!

Beto Paredes – Executive Director

Beto Paredes is a leading personality in
Performance Psychology, Technology
Engineering, Organizational Theory and
Internet Entrepreneurship.

Beto has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in his ability to masterfully develop, flesh out, and cultivate the imagination and vision of companies he’s involved with. He has an immaculate background and experience for imagining, developing, and scaling successful businesses. The methodologies he employs help businesses grow exponentially, maximize their profits, and strategically optimize business processes. Beto provides the perfect roadmap for scalability that is powerful, flexible, and most importantly,it puts companies in the forefront of their competitions . He strategically and masterfully reengineers thought patterns, commanding and compelling newer competencies and more dynamic business models for radical operational efficiencies.

Beto Paredes has successfully provided value-driven, landscape-shifting expertise to enhance business models and performance. He creates value through solution-driven, problem-solving, risk-management mindset – allowing for greater business growth, transformation and reinvention of business models and connectivity to the right marketplace.

Beto’s is a key thought leader in today’s marketplace

Rarely will you find an individual with his portfolio and background and his thirst for solution-driven, boundary- pushing, newer-thinking methodologies. With 15 years of experience as a senior level business developer and engineer, he mastered and lead teams in over 40 professional sectors with over 2000+ projects completed to date.He has worked for companies such Affiliate.com (Inc 500), Hydra Networks (Inc 500), Media Trust (Inc 500), LinkTrust (Inc 500), AKMG, Get Ads, and others. As a founding partner and joint venture contributor he has held titles ranging from Chief Technical Officer to Chief Executive Officer in several companies. Many of the projects that he works with develop into very equitable profit centers and he looks forward to new ventures and possibilities. He personally thrives in the most challenging places as a team builder and business developer.
Beto has also appeared several times as a guest speaker at conferences in the MLM,
Affiliate Marketing, and Software Engineering space. These include IT Summit, Affiliate Convention, and the Ad-Tech OfferVault Leadership Conference, to name a few.

Founder/Founding Partner:

Companies Beto has worked with and created major solutions for:

Keynote Speaker & Events

  • Idaho IADA
  • Salt Lake City, UT IT Summit
  • Little Rock, AK IT Summit
  • Denver, CO Affiliate Convention
  • Denver, CO IT Summit
  • Offer Vault’s Leadership Summit at Ad-Tech
  • Los Angeles, CA IT Summit
  • Salt Lake City, UT LinkTrust Users Group Conference
  • Phoenix, AZ IT Summit

Todd Shepard – co-founder

Todd Shepard has been an active force in the automotive industry for nearly 30 years.

Beginning as a salesman at a car dealership, he quickly learned the tricks of the trade and went on to become everything from a finance manager to general manager. He worked for almost two decades in the car and RV market, helping to build a business from the ground up and breaking records along the way.

After his accomplishments, Todd left the hands-on side of the trade and started his own company which has expanded across 5 states and is recognized as a leader in the industry. He now focuses all his expertise of the auto industry to provide the best in insurance services to car and RV dealerships. His family-run company is a leader in the marketplace and his services cover
dealerships throughout the Northwest US in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Alaska.

As a leader in the industry, Todd is closely involved in all the inner workings and is intimately involved in the Washington, Oregon, and Idaho Dealer Associations. Working to grow this veritable empire, Todd has been persistently active and progressive in the industry. He has served on many boards, including President of the Tri-City Business Connection, has trained dealers, and has been the keynote speaker and held workshops on many topics spanning the automotive dealership and other industries. Todd has shared his learning with others and has trained a multitude of businesses in goal achievement and sales goals.

Yearning to better serve the industry, Todd made the decision to leave the dealership operations and enter the insurance
industry. He now owns and operates one of the most successful insurance brokerages focused on the niche of insuring independent auto dealerships, RV dealerships, Buy Here Pay Her operations, auto service shops, and daily auto & RV rental agencies throughout the entire Northwest.

Todd is a regular speaker and supporter of the dealer associations. He serves as a member of the WSIADA advisory board and his extensive knowledge is tappas a resource of authority.Not surprisingly, Todd has also proven to be a leader in the insurance industry.

Using his knowledge and vast experience to improve the automotive industry, Todd has authored two books Insuring Your Dealership, what every used car dealer should know and Insuring Your Auto Shop. Initially designed as a resource to help auto dealers better understand their insurance policies with tips on loss prevention, these books are also popular with other insurance agents!


Nissan Sales Guild Member 1991 Nissan Product Presentation
National Champion
Three Nissan National
Training Videos
Monaco Motorhome Million
Dollar Club
Two time Fleetwood Motorhome
Northwest Region Leader
Centrailia Pride of Ownership
(business) Award


Insurance Agency Owners Alliance (IAOA) member
OVDA member (OR)
ASA member (WA, OR, ID)
Three term past President and treasurer Tri-Cities Business
Founding member Leadership Is Action
Sunrise Rotary member
Member The Link Tri-Cities
Founder of Bargaincommunity.com
Partner at Natural Harmony Wellness (biofeedback and natural
wellness spa)
President of Shepard & Shepard Business Solutions
Insurance & Bonding solutions for the auto industry
Goal Achievement and sales training workshops
Radio/TV voiceover and talent